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The Designer

Dimitar Kehayov, the visionary behind KHV CONCEPT, is a graduate of the London College of Fashion who has paved the way for this innovative brand. With significant experience working for renowned British and international brands, Dimitar has always been passionate about creating understated yet exceptional footwear.

The name "KHV" reflects both founder's surname initials and the "CONCEPT" he wanted to bring to life.

His lifelong ambition was to launch a brand that embodied his vision and personal ethos - to create elegant sneakers inspired by formalwear, stepping away from heavy streetwear and aiming to change the sneaker culture.

After spending over two years searching for small, family-owned factories in Italy that specialize in high-end footwear, Dimitar developed his concept with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. In 2023, he launched KHV CONCEPT for those who truly appreciate fine footwear and carry themselves with elegance.

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As a genuine perfectionist with exceptionally high standards, Dimitar is driven by the pursuit of flawless symmetry. He designs based on instinct rather than following trends, strategically placing elements in the design for material symmetry and balance. His obsession with perfection is evident in the meticulous attention he pays to every detail of his work, from the type of stitching to the precise assembly of the tongue on the shoe's upper. Italy stands as the guarantor of achieving the ultimate perfection in footwear.

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