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Details Beyond the Visible


Explore Urban Landscapes Through footwear

The CT Sneaker collection draws inspiration from the global urban landscape, featuring materials and textures that symbolize the architecture of cities worldwide. With modern minimalism in mind, each design incorporates intricate details beyond what meets the eye, perfect for those who aim to stand out and appreciate footwear excellence.

The Ace Collection

Elegance of Tennis through Sneakers

Inspired by vintage tennis aesthetics (early 20th century), the Ace Sneaker seamlessly blends tennis-inspired elegance with contemporary minimalism.

The collection features neutral tones curated to effortlessly complement any attire, emanating sophistication with premium materials like calf leather and water and stain repellent suede. Carefully chosen materials and colors ensure versatility, adapting to any outfit or occasion.

The style has been created with intricate details. From the precise single and double stitches to the strategically assembled tongue, positioned close to the toe cap, every aspect is meticulously crafted for a sleek and smooth exterior.

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The B Sneaker

Basketball inspired, but make it elegant

For those looking to be different.

A contemporary take on basketball-inspired shoes for a refined aesthetic. Slimmer design with fewer street style elements like frontal holes and bulky toe caps. Enhanced structure and elegance with innovative shape and thicker suede. The B Sneaker stands out with its unique design and thoughtful material usage.

Made Different

We've implemented strobel construction for the B sneaker, ensuring an unmatched fusion of fit and comfort. This method involves stitching the outer leather of the upper directly to the insole, offering sturdy support while preserving symmetry. To boost comfort and longevity, we've incorporated softer reinforcement materials in the forefoot and stronger ones at the heel.

Experience Futuristic Design


The CT Runner crafted to accompany bustling days of errands and leisurely relaxed moments, this sneaker embodies versatility. To elevate comfort, we've incorporated the EVA Extra-light Sole, reducing the shoe's weight while enhancing wearability.

With a keen eye on futuristic aesthetics, the design boasts an exaggerated sole, particularly at the heel, infusing a contemporary edge. Utilising suede around the sole serves a dual purpose—aside from its aesthetic appeal, it absorbs glue during production, ensuring a pristine appearance without any unsightly adhesive marks.

Tailored for the urban individual craving both comfort and lightness without compromising on quality, the CT Runner redefines functionality with style.

Each pair takes more than 4 hours to produce.

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Italian Craftsmanship

Each pair undergoes over 40 meticulous steps to reach the final product.

Skilled artisans with expert knowledge guide each stage, complemented by cutting-edge technology.

Discover the Made in Italy Craftsmanship