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Always and Forever,

HandMade in ITaly

To achieve flawless symmetry and impeccable quality, we proudly manufacture each style in Italy. Depending on the design, we collaborate with various suppliers and factories, many of which are small, family-owned producers. Our primary sneaker factory is located in the North Of Italy, in the Piedmont Region. All leather is sourced from Italy, with raw materials originating from European countries such as France, Spain, and Italy.

The Luxury of Artisan Craft

All our designs are brought to life by precious know-how passed down through generations. Each pair is mostly made by hand to deliver quality excellence, using the highest quality materials, traditional techniques, and modern technologies.

The close collaboration between the designer and the team in Italy is another key element in delivering exceptional quality and true craftsmanship. The result is clear: impeccable footwear designed and made with love, passion, and tradition.

Over 40 Steps Process

Bringing Exquisite Footwear to life

Shoemaking at KHV CONCEPT is a meticulous process unlike any other, involving over 40 steps to create each pair of shoes. It can take up to 4 hours of dedicated craftsmanship to complete one pair. Every step of this process involves manual work, supported by cutting-edge technologies to minimize waste and enhance each pair's quality.

We take great pride in developing our own shoe lasts and shapes tailored specifically for each collection.. Perfecting the final shape can take months because even a 2-millimeter difference is significant to us.

This commitment allows us to challenge the sneaker culture and introduce sophisticated, smart sneakers.

At KHV CONCEPT, we thrive on pushing boundaries and ensuring every detail contributes to the exceptional quality and unique character of our footwear. Because, for us, perfection lies in the details.

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