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Fashion, Not Fast

Sustainability is one of our main objectives. Therefore, we do not waste resources by producing generic goods that people will not need. Instead, we have small quantities to ensure that the products' quality is optimal and make their reuse attractive.

Our goal is to create durable products with impeccable quality, to ensure we achieve this goal we make our products with one of the best quality materials made in Italy. This considerably prolongs the product life cycle.

At KHV, we produce with sustainability in mind and always look for a different way to reduce our carbon footprint, where possible without compromising the quality of our products.

Please check the product pages for detailed information about materials and their origin.

Let's Talk People

At KHV CONCEPT, we do everything with people and for people. We focus on manufacturing in Europe, where factory work is like any other. Factory employees are cared for and appreciated in optimal working conditions. Without them, we can achieve nothing, so their valuable talent is a company's cornerstone. 

Manufacturing in Europe ensures that the environment in which the factory workers operate respects hygiene and health standards, always guaranteeing ethical consumption.

We pay our suppliers on time to ensure that people who manufacture the products are getting paid on time for their work.

Let’s Talk Sourcing

At KHV, always try to source locally or from European countries. We work closely with our sourcing and manufacturing team in Italy to source in the most sustainable way during the manufacturing of our products. 

We use recycled materials, where possible, to avoid overproduction. In addition, we limit the amount of petroleum used to create new synthetic fabrics.

We source our products mainly in Italy, but we work with suppliers in Spain and Portugal for different materials and components.

Let’s Talk Manufacturing

We manufacture our products in Italy for quality, craftsmanship and visibility of product conditions. Unlike countries in the Far East, European manufacturing and sourcing have decent working conditions and low environmental impact. In this way, we ensure that you receive an eco-friendly and sweatshop-free product.

Are you ready to live the KHV experience? 

Check product descriptions for details and materials used. If you still have any questions, please email us at We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.