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The Brand

Welcome to KHV CONCEPT, where exceptional high-end products are meticulously designed in London and handcrafted in Italy.

Our signature style embraces a minimalist aesthetic, featuring pastel, earthy, and neutral tones, along with classic and timeless shapes. What truly sets us apart is our innovative approach to design. We develop shapes inspired by formalwear and eveningwear, seamlessly blending it with modern sneaker culture. This fusion of classic sophistication with contemporary twist results in footwear that not only looks exquisite but also feels exceptional.

At KHV CONCEPT, you're not merely purchasing shoes; you're elevating your style with high-end luxury and uncompromising quality. Each pair represents an investment in a timeless wardrobe.




Our Philosophy

At KHV CONCEPT, we're leading the charge away from the fast fashion. In today's consumer-driven culture, we've become accustomed to constantly chasing the latest trends, often at the expense of genuine excellence in our purchases.

Fast fashion has convinced us that we can have it all for lower prices, resulting in a surplus of generic, low-quality items that often languish unused.

That's why we've taken a different path. At KHV CONCEPT, our commitment is to provide products that prioritize top quality and customer satisfaction. We invest time and care in developing and perfecting each pair, ensuring they are worthy of your investment.

Fashion fades, style remains.

The Beginning

In pursuit of the perfect sneaker that blends todays culture but with elegance and sophistication, Dimitar Kehayov founded KHV Concept, a luxury footwear brand that would embody his vision of true craftsmanship and quality. The brand's name, KHV, is a reflection of his initials (of his surname) and the concept he wanted to bring to life. With KHV Concept, Dimitar aimed to create footwear that went beyond the ordinary, a fusion of design, craftsmanship, and luxury.
His vision was well-defined: crafting smart sneakers with a novel silhouette, drawing inspiration from evening formalwear and footwear.