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Product Care

Crafted from carefully selected materials, so that you fully appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the KHV Shoes for many years of comfort.

Please keep your shoes in the dust bags provided at purchase, store in dry place away from direct sunlight and/or heat source.

If the shoes are exposed to water, oily liquids or alcohol clean with soft cloth and let naturally dry.

When putting on the shoes, use shoehorn to avoid damaging the materials at the heel.

MUST NOT BE WASHED IN WASHING MACHINE, otherwise those would cause the sole to detach from the shoe, severe damage or migration of colours.

If unsure about something probably don’t do it, contact us instead.

Material Care

Grain and Smooth Leathers

Cleaning those types of leathers, use soft damp cloth to wipe any stains. You could also use good quality colourless cream and soft cloth to polish in circular strokes.

Suede and Nubuck Leathers

To preserve those type of leathers and keep the velvety texture, use soft shoe brush. If in contact with water or similar substances, let to naturally dry. If any stains remain use rubber brush.


Cleaning fabric materials, use lightly dampened cloth (soft brush for more rough textures such as cotton canvas). For more delicate fabric such as lace or satin use lightly dampened cloth use circular gentle movements.